What Oluwo of Iwo said on Family Planning

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi has described family planning as an attempt to eradicate one’s race.

He feared for nations enforcing family planning as their space will soon be constituted with foreigners as currently obtainable in Canada, calling on Nigerians to respect the dictate of God on procreation.

Oba Akanbi equally considered the need for more human resources as necessitating factor for more procreation, saying the most populous nation, China, is gaining her technological relevancy and world power through her human endowments.

Discrediting the insinuation of over population as one of the factors for poverty, Oluwo hinted grace speaks than background in making a breakthrough in life.

He reiterated China, the most populous nation, as the emerging giant of the world, earned through her human mental.

Oluwo affirmed the strength in population as weighty, saying the onus should be on government to provide enabling environment for all and sundry.

He tasked the government to further improve the quality of both formal and technical education to enrich and promote brains needed for economic growth.

There is much more strength in Procreation. We ignorantly related poverty to over population. If it were to be, China, by now should be the most affected nation by poverty. But no, China is the emerging world power, getting it very right”

” Few other powerful nations are getting it wrong for placing limit on childbearing years back. 75% of Canadians are made up of foreigners born outside Canada. In few years to come, the land may be controlled by foreigners”.

“Aside this, the dictate of God on more procreation should be respected by individual willing to bear more child. Grace is great. Having more child is not measurement of poverty. Many rose from grass to grace”

“Education is the key. China becomes powerful on their passion in technical education. The government should focus more on improving technical education. Education is as important as human blood”

Basic education from primary to secondary should be free and made compulsory for everyone. Higher education should be subsidized. These will encourage average pursue of knowledge while technical trainings is also promoted. This is the strength of any developed nation”

“The population of the northern states for years is an edge over other regions. There is need to harp on the quality of education and not putting embargo on the numbers of children”.

“I thank the president for situation of the Federal college of education in Iwo which is the most populous town in Osun state. Iwo’s strength is her population and I will tell my subjects to say no to family planning as long as a responsible government is on hand. We were marginalised before but the future is great for us through our strength of human resources”

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